Worship Dance Choreography


Low, Medium and High

It is essential that the worship dance not be monotone or on one level. Several levels are available. There is the low or floor level. You can bow low toward the floor. You can lie on the floor. There is low on your knees  which is a slightly higher level. Also you can bend your knee in a lunge or plie. Just walking, plainly flat-footed walking is a medium level. Doing a locomotive movement flat-footed is medium level. Then there is high level: the ball of your feet, on releve, half point or in the air.


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Do you want more tips for dynamic worship dance choreography?

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Worship Dance Choreography Tele-Class on Tuesday April 21st at8:30 pm Estern standard time.


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  1. Anna Lofgren says:

    Thank you for your comment on Maidens of Worth! I’m so glad you did, so that I could find your blog! You have some really good suggestions and insights here, and I will enjoy continuing to read them.
    Ballet Magnificat! has always been my biggest inspiration when it comes to dance. It started when I was a little girl, and mom would let me watch their video, “A Symphony of Movement” (I think was the name). I danced along and dreamed of being a ballerina. I will certainly post about my experience at the Teacher’s Workshop!

  2. Lakita says:

    This is great! Trying to figure out how to retweet this :)
    I’m actually in rehearsal during that time (7:30 – 9pm CST)…will it be recorded?

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