Why Your Body Needs a Detoxification

Paper ink, new carpet, the new car smell, gasoline smells and fumes, road construction smoke that enters your car when your windows are down, second-hand cigarette smoke that comes from a smoking stranger nearby, paint thinner fumes, highlighters, unknown substances that burn while cooking, fast food hamburgers, as well as many other foods and random fumes that we are exposed to make a certain impact on our bodies. All of these impacts are usually negative. One sure-fire way to rid yourself and your body of all the unknown substances that enter your lungs and your body is a total body detoxification. If you have never heard what that is before then you may just be in for a surprise. But it turns out, though, that a true body detoxification will really help your whole health in the end and it is a practice that everyone should engage in.

I hope this synopsis helped you understand your need for detoxing.  I am a Naturopathic Doctor and have ministered to people's health for about 15 years with success.  Now, I am making the best part of my work available through my ebook that will help you detox your body from toxins and reverse some illnesses. I give you automated personal daily guidance through the detox program; so you will not feel alone in the process. You can purchase the ebook on my website drkalu.com or 12-days Brand New You Detox Guide.  You can also join my mailing list to receive tips on nutrition, detox and herbs:  drkalu's world.  See you on the fitness talk with Jocelyn 5/17/11.


  1. Irma Joseph says:

    Hi Venetta they say it is a small world and indeed it is! My cousin Ishell Kellyman and I have been to your office for services, invited us to your home to partake in wonderful meals and to fellowship with you at your church some years ago. I was truly blessed to see that you are one of the guest instructors in the webinar. I have participated in several of Jocelyn’s e-seminars and tele-classes, it is so wonderful to learn that you both have teamed up to do this awesome webinar. God bless you both and looking forward to reconnecting with you.

  2. Venetta says:

    Irma, It is so nice to hear from you. I so remember you and that day. Thanks for your comment and remembering me. Look forward to sharing with you on the e-seminar tomorrow evening.

  3. Cindy says:

    Hi there I am a dancer and I notice lately I get tired and its like at time I cant keep my balance, what can be the problem, cuz that same word came to mind and now im reading the same thing.

  4. Venetta says:

    Hello Cindy,
    Your body seems to be in need of a cleanse from built up toxins. You can purchase my ebook which is a wonderful guide to help you cleanse from toxins and build your body and strengthen your immune system giving you lots of energy to work and dance with. Follow this link to purchase help for your body: drkalu.com/12daydetoxdiet2.htm. God Bless!

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