Ten Steps To Powerful Dance Ministry /Step Nine

Ten steps to Powerful Dance Ministry

Step Nine Be successful in life and ministry.

 Proverbs 31 teaches us about a woman who was successful in all that she
She took care of her husband, children and home. 
She was  a creative ,manager and, entrepreneur, who ministered to the
She ministered encouragement and wisdom.
 She feared the Lord.  Her children and husband praised her.
If you are a wife, and or mother, your husband and 
children are your first ministry. 
An excellent dance minister should also be  an excellent, business
owner, manager ,
employee, neighbor and citizen.
It is easier to minister freedom and victory with your dance if  you
know that you have
ministered to your family well.
Your dance of  joy and victory is a  powerful  witness if you are living
it out  on the job
on in your business.
A balanced and successful  life is essential for powerful worship dance


  1. Sanna Enroos says:

    That is right dear minister Jocelyn! Praise the Lord!

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