International Garments For Worship Dance

International Garments For Worship Dance

The ladies  are wearing a traditional Ao Dai.

In the Garments Of Glory Resource Guide, I tell you how to find, make, and use international garments for praise and worship dance-wear.

“International garments can be worn for worship dance. The Ao dai is a Vietnamese traditional gown. Usually the garment is made with embroidery, sequins, lace, flowers, and a variety of prints.

There is a host of them from which to select. Many are two pieces outfits with a Chinese collar which is ideal in terms of modesty. Slits on the side of the top are high enough to allow you to move freely in worship dance.

It is a lovely garment for worship dance. As you move, the entire garment moves with you. Palazzo pants come with the garment.” Get the ebook here

Worship Dance Garments In Beauty And Glory

Michele and Debbie started Waves of Glory flags a few years ago out of obedience to God. Their worship garments exemplifies God’s  beauty and majesty. When you see their garments and the creativity that they use in the choice of colors and fabrics it is very obvious that they put a a lot of prayer in their designs.

Their costumer service is highly recommended. I spoke to Michele on the phone recently and I can tell that she is a mature woman of God that understands the call and ministry of worship dance.