Christmas Liturgical-Praise- Dance -Wear

What you wear for praisedance ministry is just as important to your dance as the choreography and the music. The praisedancer's garments should be a wearable banner of Praise. This Christmas as you dance to celebrate God with us remember to wear garments that enhance your message in dance in an regal manner. I purchased a beautiful brand new white liturgical dress  on EBay. EBay has wonderful dance ministry stores, where you can buy dance ministry garments and other resources at reasonable prices.  The particular dress I bought on EBay was sold for $110; on another online store. I got it for $20! So do check that out. Go to the link below for more details > Recources for praisedance wear: > >

 Litrurgical colors for advent, and the Christmas season: > > – > >

 During Advent, the coming of the Christ, before Christ's birthday and > Christmas' *royal blue*, a bright blue. And it represents sky and the > heavenly waters. > -

 *Pink* is joy and happiness. This is usually the Sunday before Advent. >

*Rose* is also joy and happiness

*White* is victory, its' heavenly, it's Christmas and Easter. *Silver*is used instead of white also. > *Gold* is majesty, joy and festive days.

*Olive green* is the color of hope.