The Dance Of An Evangelist


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evangelistic dancer is the dancer who uses the gift of dance as a route
for reaching the lost. The type of songs to consider for this type of
dance are songs that honor God.  Such songs must also uplift Jesus, and emphasis the wonderful and loving sacrifice that He made  for us on
the cross.

The dancing evangelist incorporates prayer and altar
call in the dance, so that people will have the opportunity to receive
Christ as Lord and savior.

21 Days of Worship Dance/Day13


Worship dance is interactive.

Our worship dance must be interactive. The  dances that we create should change lives and draw people to worship the Lord. Our worship dance  should evoke a desire within the onlooker to get involved as a response to the dance. The response can be kinetic, verbal or visual. As  dance ministers, we should interact with the audience: bring them into the worship experience. Worship dance is not a spectator

21 Days of Worship Dance/Day 11

Dance is a symbol of unity and order.

 In Exodus 15:20 the Hebrew word for dance is Macholah(Strong). Macholah is a round dance, dancing chorus. The circle symbolizes unity and order. The women were together in this dance and Miriam led them. That was important to note. When anything

21 Days of Worship Dance/Day 9

Your body is your instrument for praise!

The Apostle Paul tells us in the Bible that we must present ;"our bodies as a living sacrifice". Paul also said that our "bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit". This is very important for the worship dance minister to remember, for our body is our instrument for ministry. Just like the flute is the instrument of the the flutist. We must use our bodies to worship and praise the Lord. Jesus is so great and magnificent that it requires more than mere words to worship Him fully. We must use our temple, living sacrifice,instrument to make glorious dances that will please Him.

21 Days of Worship Dance/ Day 7

Dance and be an arrow pointing to Jesus!

Dance is a living picture, or painting, a moving photograph of who He is.  Our worship dance must be a clearly defined message about Jesus. Even the unsaved should know and feel as they view our dance, that it is different than an ordinary performance or show. Through our dance we must be an arrow pointing to Jesus and lifting up His Holy Name.

21 Days of Worship Dance Day 3

Dance outside of the box!

Dance is an universal language. We have an opportunity to use the language of dance to show God's glory and love for the world. However; to do so we may have to leave the four walls of the Church. Let's take our worship dance out side the Church to the market place, nursing homes, schools, performing arts venues, the street and beaches. The world is waiting to see our dance of God's love  and hope.The hope that Jesus the Christ, the Son of the living God brings to the world.

21 Days of Worship Dance/Day 2

7 steps to a more impact ful worship dance ministry that will express the joy of the Lord and the glory of God.

1. Dance before the Lord at home alone during your personal devotional time.

2. Continue or begin dance technique training. Become an excellent and very well skilled dancer for the Lord.

3.Always have a solo ministry dance prepared and ready.

4.Always  wear and look your very best when you minister.

5.Become or continue to be a life long student of the art of dance. Read books about dance and dancers.Watch videos on dance. Go to live dance concerts, both Christian and secular.

6.Network with other dance, and worship arts ministers.

7.Make sure that you are committed and submitted to a local Church.

21 Days of Worship Dance

Day One

There is plenty of bad news these days. But; God has called us to minister victory, joy and redemption through dance. The Bible says "how beautiful are the feet of them that bring good news". Let us use our dancing feet to bring the good news of hope ,and celebrate the accomplishments of Jesus the Christ the Son of the living God.

Miriam as Praise and Worship Dance Leader

The first woman called a prophetess in the Bible, was  a dancer,and singer named Miriam. In Exodus 15:20, Miriam

God is Good, Wynne’s Dance Testimony

A few months ago a  dear sister in the Lord,  Wynne sent me her testimony. I asked her permission to share it on the Praise Dance Life blog. She so graciously agreed. Her testimony about the goodness of the Lord is an inspiration to me and I know that it will be to you also.


"Hi Jocelyn
I came in from church and was reading your web page, and yes, I know what it is like to minister during hard times. I can’t see your video on my computer, because of a slow connection but I already know it is beautiful.
2007 was the year that I had to dance my way through Psalm 23. But because God is great, I danced my way out of the valley. He has allowed me to live, so I can tell my story about how great He really is:
In March 2007, The Lord woke me up suddenly and all I heard Him say was: "Look!" It felt as if an alarm was going off, or that there was some type of intruder in my house. The intruder was a lump in my breast that turned out to be malignant.
In May, I had to have the surgery that no woman wants, but in spite of everything I had to endure, I continued
to dance and praise God. I did not have to go through any type of treatment other than radiation because God intervened.
In June, the Lord told me that I was going to be asked to dance for Father’s Day. Well, a week before the event, someone from the Women’s Fellowship at church asked me if I could dance to Dance With My Father. Not too many people knew what had happened because I knew how to dress myself to hide it.
Now before I go on, I know that Dance With My Father is a secular song…but when God called me to dance for Him, He said: "If you dance, I will dance with you". Right before all of this happened, I had been invited to dance with a good liturgical dance company, and then it seemed that the thing I loved to do the best was going to be taken from me. So, all I could think of was "Lord, will I ever dance again?". He gave me the choreography in three days, the quickest I have ever finished a dance. I went to the Garment District and found an African smock that I could wear as an overlay, and Danced With My Father. I went to another church that evening and was requested to dance to that same song again.
In August at the Women’s Shut-In, I danced to Up Where We Belong (Christian Version) because I was feeling very low at the time, to uplift others.
In December, I danced the solo part to Do You See What I See? the weekend before my last surgery.
It’s July now. I have a completely clean bill of health, my body is completely renewed, and I am on my way to New York City on Tuesday. I understand what it means to worship God through the worst. It was not easy, but for whatever reason God allowed me to go through what I went through, I am a better person because of it. And, most people around me did not know what was going on.
I made a long story short, but it is enough to say that God is great!
That is how I danced through the hardest time of my life.