Praisedance-Worship Dance Bible Study

“Study to show thyself approved, A Biblical Study of Dance.”


Lets get approved, for praise and worship dance in 2010. 

4 Consecutive Tuesdays in 2010

January 12,19,26, February 2 ,7-9 pm Eastern time

Each session will be intensive and interactive.
Your call and purpose for dance ministry will be solidified.

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 Module 1
Dance the call to worship
The art of dance  as a ministry
The dance of the prophetess
The dancer as worship leader
 Module 3
The dance of the prophet killer
Bad dancing
Module 4
The dance of restoration
keeping David’s passion
Tele-Seminar includes
 Study guide
 mp3 recordings of all live sessions, just in case you can not attend a live session.
as a thank you bonus
a copy of  Garments of Glory resource guide, a $12.00 value.
 Testimonies from past Tele-Seminars,

 ”Thank you for your generosity in sharing the wealth of information which the Lord has given to you over the years, I cannot even begin to put into words how wonderful it is to be able to access good and sound information on worship dancing.” Tracey, South Africa

 ”Impactful, impactful, impactful!!! That’s what I’m reminded of whenever I’m working with my praise-and-worship dance ministry. Thanks, Jocelyn, for a heart so willing to share your wisdom!” His Hem Ministries
Registration has begun, and will end  January 8th 2010 or until space is  filled.
Tele-Seminar registration is $27.00
 Space is limited. Registrar today. go to the link below.

21 Days of Worship Dance/Day 10

The Dance Challenge!

Challenge One.

We must make sure that our dances are not a performances to promote ourselves,but ministy that lifts up Jesus.

Challenge Two.

We must see ourselves and behave as worship leaders who dance to inspire others to worship Jesus.

Will your dance touch someone?

Dscf1361 While I was teaching my  8  to 11 year old ballet class on Thursday evening. I looked at those beautiful young ladies as they were doing their exercises at the barre. I thought  to myself ,this is  my destiny, to pass  on what was given to me  by God to the next generation. At that moment I felt challenged to  personally impact at least 3 generations. That would be such an honor for you and I, to make a tangible difference in the lives of people, and then touch their children,and their grandchildren.
We can do it.
The video below shows were I began.

Choreography For Praise Dancers

Do you want to increase your excellence in choreography? Well,  to begin with, choreography for worship must have 3 elements.

1.It must be impact-full.

2. It must be interactive.

3. It must be memorable.

If you want to learn more about how to implement these elements into your choreography, please listen to the 4 minute  audio below.

Check out Dawn Pruszowski’s  worship dance video "I Need Thee"

You may also purchase her choreography instructional videos from the link below.

Children Must Praise Dance

Psalm 8:2 says, from the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies to silence the foe and the avenger.

A few years ago, my husband was very ill. While I was tending to him, and trying to keep the house quite and calm. I allowed my children  to veg in front of the tube. Then in my Bible study I read the scripture Psalm 8:2.
Well, this scripture challenged me to get the children together to have a praise session in the house even while my husband was sick and to rejoice ahead of time for victory for his healing. So I said, turn off the TV children, let's get the tambourines and flags and turn on the music. My daughter and I put on our praise dance garments, and we just danced and worshiped before the Lord around the house. As we rejoiced we saw an immediate response in my husbands condition, for the better.

We must allow our children to participate in worship, at home and in Church. We must not stop them or send them away for their praise is vital to our victory and even their victory. The scripture is very clear, God ordained, he committed, he wants even they who don't even eat solid (sucklings)food yet, to worship and praise him.
Please be blessed by the ministry in dance from the  video on the link below.Dina Sleiman and her team incorporates the multi generations. Ms. Sleiman allows everyone to minister in this beautiful song. She uses the grandmothers, the children, the grandchildren, everyone to praise and worship him just like the scriptures say. From the lips of children and of infants, you have ordained praise.