Biblical Colors for Worship # 3

Music is such an integral part of worship and music directors often spend much time choosing just the right songs to use during a worship service.

Just as much time should be spent choosing the colors of garments and flags or banners a used during worship. Afterall, these are also instruments meant to praise God.

My guest on the praise dance life podcast is Betty Kiser, a professional quilter who is very active in the Flag & Pageantry ministry. Through much prayer and reflection Betty now uses her quilting talent to create flags and banners used in Christian worship services. She teaches others about her ministry using her website

Having done years of research, Betty has discovered that the Bible describes many colors of glory and their meanings that we are to use as a way to give visual praise to God. Betty explains that color is very important when worshiping because movement is The Word in motion and visually we need to enhance everything movement we make. Every layer we add enhances our worship. First we start with the worship ceremony. Then we add the music. Adding some movement and then colorful garments enhances an already beautiful ceremony. Continuing to add banners or flags with lots of color & texture makes worship more powerful. With all of these layers, we are more effective when presenting the Gospel.