Worship Ballet with Ballet Magnificat

BalletMagnificat! Photo from Ballet Magnificat  www.balletmagnificat.com

. Unmatched, lyrical, elegant, emotionally inspiring, are but a few of the endearing terms that readily come to mind in describing Ballet Magnificat's presentation of "The Deliverer". In tandem with technical virtuosity precision, grace and power the product of vigorous dance training, all contributed to the spectacularly unique transformative affect of Ballet Magnificat's "The Deliver.Ballet Magnificat

"The Deliverer," was a dance presentation about Moses and his relationship with the Lord and how the Lord used Moses to deliver the Children of Israel from the bonds of slavery into freedom. There are many secular dance companies that use biblicalthemes intheir choreography; Ballet Magnificat's "The Deliver" however is palpably unique. The affect of its presentation proved more than mere interpretation of a biblical theme. Rather, the dancers projected a sense of having personally experienced a relationship with the Lord that transcended excellence in dance. And in so doing, the dancers ministered to the audience and demonstrated mastery of balance between dance artistry and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Ballet Magnificat used the art of dance to preach. the delivering power of Jesus Christ.