Why Is The Prophetess Praise Dancing

Why Is The Prophetess Praise Dancing

image The Song Of Joy

The Songs of Joy, c. 1896-1902, by James Jacques Joseph Tissot

For centuries dance has been a universal medium for people of all nations to express themselves. In Exodus 15:20 Miriam the Prophetess, who was Moses’ sister, demonstrated that dance is a natural response to God’s miracles. Miriam and the children of Israel experienced God’s miracles through the parting of the Red Sea. Her first response was to lead the women in song and praisedance. Her dance was a visual demonstration of God’s miraculous power.

Jesus Christ is performing miracles in our lives today, therefore, we as his children, have a reason to worship Him with dance. When Miriam led the women of Israel in a worshipdance of victory after the parting of the Red Sea, she was about 80 years old. At that age she was a worship leader in music, dance, as well as the first woman in Scripture mentioned as a Prophetess.

Many other women who viewed the deliverance miracle were inspired by Miriam’s praisedance. They followed her lead and joined in the dance. As liturgical dance ministry leaders, we too should invoke in others a desire to dance. Miriam proclaimed what and who God is through her sacred dance. It was a visual expression of the joy of knowing God as a healer, deliverer, and Savior who is in control of all things. Miriam’s dance was personal and corporate. Therefore, today’s daughters of Miriam go forth in the dance with joy and boldness. The Lord Jesus has only just begun His great work in and through you.

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