Liturgical Praise Dance Testimony

A liturgical praise dancer is someone who is dedicated themselves to using the art of dance for exclusive worship to the Lord Jesus Christ. My favorite success, actually I have two. One is,
I was in charge of a worship dance ministry in Brooklyn, New York, at the Elim International Fellowship for about 10 years. And during that time I was able to build relationships through
the worship and experience of the rehearsing with about 11 young ladies who I still keep in
contact now, and I see them, their developed to beautiful Christian women that are doing
powerful things for the Lord. So, just seeing them, knowing that our ministry kept us together
but also kept us in the house of the Lord. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to teach my
daughters the art of praisedance for worship, dance and also have had several opportunities
to dance with them. And that is a dream come true for me.

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