Praise-worship-dance wear for Jesus the King

My friend Pamela Stovall started a company that offers beautiful worship dance garments and props. w Please check out her sites below. She is also an anointed dance minister that has traveled the world with her husband leading in worship. Pamela will be a guest speaker at  the Dancing Preachers Conference in Atlanta….

I am  happy that there are so many choices for praise-liturgical dance ministry  garments.When I began in the ministry there were very little choices available. It is important to be prayerful and purposeful in your choice of garments. The garments should be relevant to the dance.Consider the garments part of the choreography. In the Bible ,colors have meaning. Use colors that go with the message of your dance.Please do not chose dance wear that is cheap because it is cheap. When we dance we should look the best for our King. Like it is our wedding day.

Our King Jesus deserves the best, remember when we dance, we are putting on a command performance for Jesus the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.Therefore; our praise dance garments should look like a wearable moving banner.
Check out Allaboutdance liturgical dance products click the link below.

Please click the comment link below and  tell me and the readers how you find your garments.  You are welcome to send me a photos, of you or your ministry team in your favorite garments. I would love to highlight it on this blog so others can be blessed.

Please visit Pamela Stovall’s sites below. , , and .


  1. Anfaani says:

    i would like to see your garments but the links do not open, it says “not found”.
    do you have a new website address?

  2. jocelyn says:

    Hello Anfanni,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to make me aware of the problem. Pamela has informed me that the garment link on her site is under construction. The link should be on her site soon. I am sorry. Please email me, and I will send you a free Greek and Hebrew dance word study report.
    God bless, and enjoy the Praise Dance Life

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