Music For Worship  Praise Dance Part 2

Music For Worship Praise Dance Part 2

When selecting your music for worship dance I recommend that you first pray for guidance as you make your selections.You must be open to what God wants you to dance to. God will grant you wisdom in regard to your dancers skill set and ability.

Some music demands more technical ability of dancers than that of other music.

For beginners, select music that is short. A dance piece longer than four minutes may prove too demanding to choreograph. Being concise often better.Choreographing our dances is about worshiping the Lord and being an arrow pointed toward Him. It is not about the showing off of the choreography or our dance skills.

Choose music that is short and sweet rather than long. This approach permits you to concentrate on dynamic choreography,coupled with worship of the Lord. This approach also eliminates the need for an excessive and lengthy rehearsal schedule. 

Enjoy the praise dance life,

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