Marriage and Movement Ministry

It is a privilege to be called to dance for Jesus. However, the demands of worship dance ministry can be a challenge to the marriage. How do you and I maintain a healthy vibrant relationship with our spouse, while meeting the unique demands of dance ministry?  href=””>Listen now to The praise dance life podcast with my husband Warren Richard, Jr as he and I discuss marriage and movement ministry. 

God bless you and enjoy the praise dance life,



  1. Tracy Reece says:

    Wow!! Yes Jocelyn, you were blushing throughout the entire conversations.(smile) Your mate truly sounds like he was meant to be your mate. He is one with you and have taken every praise dance step right along with you. God has blessed him with the endearing qualities that have helped support and encourage you, both of you. I enjoyed listening and learning from you both. As I am still single, it gave me encouragement to live and learn “as I am” in this moment in time. God already completes me, but perhaps there will be some one who compliments me. Big difference. Stay Blessed.

  2. Deborah Davis says:

    Mr. Richards, I am very humbled by your response and support of your wife’s passion. Mrs. Richard I just love you. Your spirit, smile (in your voice and lifestyle), and your passion for ministry just overwhelms me with joy. My husband and I have decided to minister together in hopes to eventually attract our children to join us. Thank you for your marriage and dance ministry.

  3. Novella Houston says:

    I look forward to learning from you about praise dancing and everything that is related to it. God bless you.

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