Living a Life of True Worship

I am attending an awesome Bible study at our Church on Wednesday nights.

It is called "Living a life of True Worship."
The text book we are using with the Bible is Kay Authors
"Living a Life of True Worship."
The little book is part of her 4o min. Bible studies series.
It is a must have resource for those involved in worship leadership.
Check out the link below for the details and to buy the book here today.

Enjoy the praise dance life,

457661: Living a Life of True Worship Living a Life of True Worship
By Random House, Inc

Living a Life of True Worship is 6-week small-group study for people who are interested in learning more about what the Bible says, but who have only limited time to meet together. In this helpful study you'll examine what the Bible says about how, when, and where we are to worship God in spirit and in truth. Also, it will help you discover what God says and how it applies to your life today. With the leader's notes and Bible passages included right in the book, each self-contained study is a powerful resource for personal growth and small-group discussion.

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