Lynn Hayden Worship Dances For Him

Pastor Lynn began dancing as a child and was exposed to the ministry of Yvonne Peters in 1986. In 1996, she founded Dancing for Him Ministries and has danced and taught classes nationally and internationally.

During my twenty min interview with Pastor Lynn. She discussed with me the authority of the dance ministry leader, beginning a praise dance ministry team. The importance of prayer and worship in the dance ministry. The Biblical understanding of dance. Pastor Lynn has resources available for new and established dance ministries.


  1. Patricia Growe says:

    I was sooo blessed by the interview you did with Prophetess Pastor Lynn Hayden. The tips/suggestions she rendered possessed so much wisdom from her years of experience with dance and dancing before the Lord. I am encouraged to “let God do the work.” Thank you, Sis. Jocelyn!

  2. Sis. Jocelyn:
    What a treat to hear together two women who have tremendously blessed my praise-dance walk! This interview has got to be one of the most ‘phenomenal’ and enlightening talks of the year! And thanks Pastor Lynn for sharing your story, especially about the early influence of Yvonne Peters and how your ‘immediate obedience’ began to manifest your ministry!
    May God continue to enlarge both your territories . . . ,
    Sis. Stephanie, His Hem Ministry

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