International Garments For Worship Dance

International Garments For Worship Dance

The ladiesĀ  are wearing a traditional Ao Dai.

In theĀ Garments Of Glory Resource Guide, I tell you how to find, make, and use international garments for praise and worship dance-wear.

“International garments can be worn for worship dance. The Ao dai is a Vietnamese traditional gown. Usually the garment is made with embroidery, sequins, lace, flowers, and a variety of prints.

There is a host of them from which to select. Many are two pieces outfits with a Chinese collar which is ideal in terms of modesty. Slits on the side of the top are high enough to allow you to move freely in worship dance.

It is a lovely garment for worship dance. As you move, the entire garment moves with you. Palazzo pants come with the garment.” Get the ebook here

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