Ten Steps To Powerful Dance Ministry / Step Seven

Ten Steps to Powerful Dance
Ministry Step 7
have a worship dance solo ready.

As a  worship leader, you should have a
solo ready to minister on a moment

Ten Steps To Powerful Dance Ministry / Step Six

Ten Steps To Powerful  Dance Ministry Step
6 Be Committed To A Local Church

There is no place like home Church.

If you know Jesus as your Savior, you should be part of a
local fellowship.  I don

Ten Steps to Powerful Worship Dance Ministry/ Step Five

Ten steps to powerful worship
dance ministry

Step five

Always Look Like a dancer, a praise dancer.
 Yes, we

Ten Steps to Powerful Dance Ministry Step Four

Step Four to powerful Dance Ministry
a lifelong student of the art of dance.

 Become a lifelong
student of the art of dance. In Christian dance we might come into the dance ministry with no
formal dance training wondering if  training is necessary for ministry. I
know that  God can use us right were we are. And, 
if we want to dance  in excellence, 
avoid  injuries with  longevity, training is a must 
(dancing incorrectly can cause injuries) I
encourage all worship dancers to get more training, and to study dance. If

Ten Steps to Powerful Worship Dance/ Step Three

Step Three to powerful dance ministry
Focus on the dance

on the dance.  If dance is what God has called
you to do. Pour yourself
into the ministry.  Sometimes I meet dance ministers and they are 
involved in so many things other than dance. These other  ministries 
are good to be a part of, but dance takes such of us emotionally
,physically,  and mentally.  If you

Ten Steps to Powerful Worship Dance/ Step Two

Ten steps to powerful worship dance/ Step Two
 Dance at home. 
Dance in the secret place:  I know

Praisedance-Worship Dance Bible Study

“Study to show thyself approved, A Biblical Study of Dance.”


Lets get approved, for praise and worship dance in 2010. 

4 Consecutive Tuesdays in 2010

January 12,19,26, February 2 ,7-9 pm Eastern time

Each session will be intensive and interactive.
Your call and purpose for dance ministry will be solidified.

Go to the link below now to register space is limited.


 Module 1
Dance the call to worship
The art of dance  as a ministry
The dance of the prophetess
The dancer as worship leader
 Module 3
The dance of the prophet killer
Bad dancing
Module 4
The dance of restoration
keeping David’s passion
Tele-Seminar includes
 Study guide
 mp3 recordings of all live sessions, just in case you can not attend a live session.
as a thank you bonus
a copy of  Garments of Glory resource guide, a $12.00 value.
 Testimonies from past Tele-Seminars,

 ”Thank you for your generosity in sharing the wealth of information which the Lord has given to you over the years, I cannot even begin to put into words how wonderful it is to be able to access good and sound information on worship dancing.” Tracey, South Africa

 ”Impactful, impactful, impactful!!! That’s what I’m reminded of whenever I’m working with my praise-and-worship dance ministry. Thanks, Jocelyn, for a heart so willing to share your wisdom!” His Hem Ministries
Registration has begun, and will end  January 8th 2010 or until space is  filled.
Tele-Seminar registration is $27.00
 Space is limited. Registrar today. go to the link below.

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Praise and Worship Dance, “Mercy Seat”

A few years ago the Lord opened the door for me to minister in dance at the Orpheum Theater in New Orleans. I had prepared and looked forward to this ministry assignment for months. Well, the day before the event my father-in-law died suddenly. As you can imagine my husband and the whole family were devastated. My dilemma was do I still fulfill my commitment, to minister in dance, or do I cancel my commitment and focus on helping to comfort my husband and family. Well, my husband in his gracious spirit and strength insisted that I keep the commitment. I did not ask my husband to let me go, it was all his idea.Many times the reasons that we have the privilege to praise-dance before the Lord is because of the sacrifice of our family and others. So I kept my assignment and my husband was there in the audience supporting me with his strength and love for God. Please click the video link below and check out the ministry from that night. “Mercy Seat”

Send me a comment by clicking link below. I would like to know about the times when you had to minister during personal hard times.