Your Dance Of Victory Video Update

Your Dance Of Victory Video Update

Watch Dance Of Victory Update Below


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Music For Worship Dance Choreography

Choosing music for praise and worship dance choreography

Below is an excerpt from my ebook Phenomenal Choreography for Worship.

I encourage openness and use of many music styles for worship and praise dance choreography. From a personal perspective, I have long held a preference of Sandy Patty hymns for dancing. Once at a church, a young person approached me with a request.

Grab the ebook here.

Praise Dance Of Adoration And Joy

I call this worship dance choreography phrase the dance of adoration. You can use this combination for your praise dance group or solo dances. Tell me if you use the worship steps and what music you use.

Enjoy the praise dance life,

Praise Dance Choreography To Scripture

Can you dance to silence or the spoken word? Sure you can this is exactly what I have done in the liturgical dance to of the 23rd Psalm. Please talk back to me and let me know what you think in the comment box below this post.

Enjoy the praise dancelife,

Choreograph To Words and Music

My friend asked " Jocelyn should we choreograph to the words or to the music?"

Check out the video below for my answer.